B-Grade: Triple Moon Incense Holder with Engraved Flower of Life, 6in


B-Grade molds have minor flaws, but are still completely usable. B-Grade molds are sold as is and are not eligible for returns. See photos for imperfections.

This incense hole did not form all the way.

-finished incense holder is 6in
-this mold is 0.25in deep
-mold is .5in tall
-the face and sides are shiny
-there is a line on the outside walls from where the acrylic is glued together
-the top of the walls is domed and shiny
-this mold weighs 11oz

Example piece is not included. Mold only.

This silicone is industrial grade, it is not food safe.

While using resin/epoxy with these molds please follow all safety protocols like wearing gloves, a respirator, and eye protection.


All molds are handmade one by one with love.


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Processing time is 1-14 business days.